Before you say yes


Watch how he wins.
Watch how he loses.
Watch how he treats the defenseless.
Watch how he treats animals.
Watch him driving.
Watch him interact with service workers (waiters, bellhops, drivers, etc).

See him annoyed.
See him angry.
See him frustrated.
See him sad.
See him depressed.
See him broken.
See him scared.
See him sick.
See him intoxicated.
See him in power.
See him powerless.
See him in a crisis.
See him in conflict.
See him provoked.

THEN say yes.

Cute af / relatively relaxed / with compassion / with love / with a cat on His lap (I have pictures, hang on (: ) / polite and friendly as long as they don’t behave asshole-ish, then fighting back / well…annoyed / never losing his temper / stressed, rather lethargic than agitated, but can be the other way around depending on the circumstances / silent and introverted / tired, apathetic / never seen Him broken / never seen Him scared (but I’m curious what exactly qualifies to be scary for Him and and how He would react to it) / stoic, never complaining, very autistic (“It won’t get better from whining about it so I just wait until it’s over”, spoken during a horrible headache that almost made Him cry… He never said a single word of complaint or ranted about the pain because that’s not logical you know…) / omg soooo cute! keyword Baby Giraffe / always responsible, aware, compassionate, considerate, sexy af (: / autistic, “I can’t change what’s not under my control so it doesn’t make sense to worry about it”, yet sometimes stressed about things outside of His control… depends / fixing it / hmm… can’t think of a situation I’ve seen Him in conflict yet / rather reserved and calm normally but can get into fight mode if the provocation offends His or my honor, but in general it’s difficult to provoke Him at all.



I should probably mention that I didn’t see Him in these conditions before I said yes, but afterwards. Which is in general a terrible and dangerous approach, so don’t do that. I just had such a good feeling about Him (and I’m really really good at ‘sensing’ someone’s true character) and was willing to take the risk that I could be wrong. In retrospect this leap of faith (in Him) was my best decision ever but it could as well have been different. So in general… get to know each other thoroughly before 'saying yes’.