FYI - Jetlag + Detox timeout

We both have a huge jetlag and can barely keep our eyes open basically during the whole day and night so we’re kind of out of commission for the moment and won’t post much.

Also do I have my cold detox right now. We wanted and tried to do it in Germany already, did it three times and my endorphin low was so bad that I was literally prepared to kill myself just to make it stop. Everything there reminded me of my addiction, my dealer was only ten minutes away, the tiny apartment was making me go crazy, I even got in a (harmless but still) physical fight with my Master when He tried to chain me to the bed because I literally wanted to jump four meters down out of the window to either get my hands on drugs or break my neck, both would have been fine for me at this point. So we changed the plan, used the few remaining weeks in Germany to reduce the dosage as far as possible and make the final drop to zero in Canada. It’s easier when there just is no way to get drugs and in a completely new environment, and such a beautiful one.

So for everybody who sent an Ask about shackles and chains: I don’t wear them during the detox because I have cramps and I’m kicking and stretching my limbs constantly which I couldn’t do in chains. After the physical detox is through I’m back in my chains of course.

If you’re interested… I’m doing quite well, much better than back in Germany. We managed to get a few Pregabalin pills into Canada without prescription that help a little against the symptoms but at the same time switch half of my higher brain functions off so forgive me if I make more grammar mistakes or so than usually. I’m literally in a zombie state at the moment.

Okay that should cover it all. See you in awhile. Feel free to send asks but please have a little patience, I’ll answer them as soon as I’m back on my feet again.