Now that I told you what kind of man my Master is, I never EVER want to read a comment, message or Ask again, that accuses Him of not being caring or loyal, not loving me, being selfish or evil, being a bad person or Dominant, that tries to convince me our relationship is not really good or I am not really happy or anything similar. Anybody who still really thinks like this, after what I just shared with you, or pretends to think like this in the hope to provoke me, is obviously either mentally deficient or evil themself. Both of which is a state that disables you to write meaningful Asks that can be taken seriously so save your time.

I’m the luckiest slave in this world. You have no idea how far beyond happy I am, how far beyond caring and loyal towards me my Master is. And I towards Him. Sorry if I sound kitchy but it’s just the truth and I feel a need to tell it. I’m so sick and tired of having to defend Him against ridiculous accusations of being a bad Dominant or partner. This one story alone tells enough about His character and it’s even only one of many. He is the fucking most caring and compassionate human being on this earth you can imagine and that’s not exaggerated, I absolutely mean this.

From now on I will ignore and delete all Asks that talk bad about Him in a disrespectful manner as a matter of principle. Different opinions and criticism presented in a polite way is totally fine, but I will not tolerate any kinds of disrespect towards Him any longer. He doesn’t really care, but He just doesn’t deserve that so I stop it, here and now.