Is your mom clingy too? Was she ever obsessive over you or you over her. And is she got sick your father won't care for her? Would you like the role of her caregiver if she got ill?

No, my mother isn’t especially clingy or obsessive. I love her very much but I’m not ‘obsessive over her’ either.

My stepfather / ‘co-father’ is dead. My biological father and my mother broke up almost 30 years ago and don’t have much to do with each other anymore.

I would certainly not like it if my mother would be so ill that she would need care. I love her, I wouldn’t want her to be ill and/or suffer and I wouldn’t want to witness it. I cared for my stepfather for a year before he died of cancer and it was horrible. I can’t imagine anybody would ‘like’ something like this. But of course I would do it. She is my mother, I love her, if she needs me I’ll be there for her as she was there for me and cared for me when I was a child/teenager and depended on her.