It was very interesting to read how you see the future. So you will live in Germany or Canada or another country? I don't think people your age/masters age could ever retire unless they have millions in the bank. Life is likely to become more difficult, not better, from a social point of you as there are less resources and the world is overpopulated. It will be nice to check on your 5 years from now, see pics of you, your animals, farm and special cages. Hope to be around to see your progress.

We can’t live in North America for reasons, so it will be Europe. Where exactly we’re not sure yet. We are currently evaluating different options.

Of course nobody who is not literally a millionaire can retire at our age. Nobody said that. I wrote He has to work as long as necessary and wants to retire as soon as ‘possible’. That does not imply a specific date, time or duration.

Feel free to follow us for the next / come back in five years. We plan to continue our blogs (: