Being not jealous about your man doing stuff without you, keeping in close touch with other women and looking at nude photos o f other girls isn't cool or even recommended. To me it sounds like you are giving up your dignity and putting up with horrible behavior for the sake of staying together and keeping him. True commitment on both sides means forsaking all others. You can have the best sex in the world be best game buddies but it doesn't prove you're compatible. Doesn't mean he's the answer.

You are misinterpreting what I said.

My Master doesn’t do anything without me, we do almost anything together, He is not in ‘close’ contact to other women or looking at nudes (even though He gets some occasionally from women who don’t respect that He isn’t a single anymore, but that’s just how Tumblr is unfortunately) etc.

I’m just not the person in general who becomes jealous because someone sends Him nudes (*because* I know He doesn’t care for nudes in the slightest, not only since we are together but generally), because He has friendships (*because* I know they are no threat for us, because He doesn’t give me any reason to think so) and I’m not wondering and worrying every time He goes to supermarket for twenty minutes to buy cream or salad.

If you .want. to read something negative in a text you will always find it, but that’s not what I wrote or what my text was about.