You can see the pain but not what’s causing it, the reaction but not what triggers it… I like this point of view.


Random 2AM-thoughts / -associations with this gif

I’d endure everything if it means to make You smile. - Not an empty phrase; I mean it. - There is no part of me, of body and mind, that isn’t Yours (~…to do with as you please). // And despite the fact that there isn’t much on this planet I hate more than pain (You know I’m far from being a masochist), even (/especially?) while suffering I’m in perfect harmony with myself. Because ‘myself’ is Your property. And that’s what fulfills me, what makes me happy. // I suffer for You, not because I enjoy pain but because I love to sacrifice myself for You, for Your happiness and pleasure. Because You’re worth it, You earned it, for all the things You did and do for me, for caring so well for me. For giving me everything of You, You deserve nothing less than to take everything from me. // I love to sacrifice myself for You because every sacrifice is a renewal of my promise to be Yours. What could be better proof of my devotion than to suffer for You? What gives You more power over me than to make me suffer for You? Just because You like it, just because You can. And to feel Your power over me, makes me feel safe. Because it means You have everything under control, even me. // I hate pain soooo much. I -really- suffer when You hurt me. And I’m glad I do because it makes it real. My sacrifice. Your ownership. Your pleasure. Real suffering, real reward. // I don’t care how much hurts; pain is temporary, our bond is forever. And it’s getting stronger with everything we give to and take from each other, with every part of us we exchange, until we forgot what is Yours and what is mine. That’s the meaning of Giving and Taking. Substitution. Becoming One. This is what it’s all about.