Wow, I drink 24/7 lots of water because it helps with my anxiety. 3 Times a week to drink is dangerous so I hope you are drinking a lot especially now that you are sick. I am so sorry you have the flu. Last year I got the cold like 4 times and had ear infections. Maybe flu vaccine and or pneumonia vaccine can help next year? I must commend your master for making such a cute, soft bed by his side/feet. I hope you feel better real soon. Do you like chicken broth (with no chicken, just flavor)?

I drink every day now because He reminds me to drink.

I’m not a fan of vaccines (as an adult who is healthy in general and for not very dangerous illnesses), being ill for a few days a year isn’t the end of the world.

No, I don’t like the flavor of chicken or any other meat. After being a vegetarian for 12 years I find the smell and taste of meat disgusting.