October 2018

My Dom Shows Me Respect By...


Hearing me out even when he disagrees with me.

Backing off when I say something is really too much.

Keeping his ego in check when making decisions for us. 

Respecting my limits.

Loving me for being me.   

Handling tough discussions with care and a calm tone of voice. 

Being my safe place. 

Staying on top of his responsibilities within our relationship.

Seeing value in my personality, including the soft, cautious and sensitive parts.

Double-checking his views or decisions if I voice concerns.

Following the D/s hierarchy. 

Recognizing and accepting our differences. 

Working hard to earn my trust. 

Holding me accountable. 

Understanding that somedays submission is hard. 

Using D/s to help me grow in ways I find meaningful.  

Believing in me.

Showing up to support, guide, or discipline me as needed, even when it’s hard.  

Trusting that I am trying even when I fall short. 

Giving me boundaries. 

Protecting my sensitive heart. 

Being patient with me. 

Setting goals for me that are achievable. 

Building me up. 

Considering his impact on me. 

Trusting me. 

Being dedicated to me. 

Encouraging me to say ‘no’ when I need to. 

Doing his best to make the best decisions. 

Staying loyal to me.

Speaking kindly of me.  

Advocating for what is best for me. 

Caring about my pleasure. 

Being clear about what he expects from me. 

Analyzing his perspectives, beliefs, and actions regularly. 

Being open and honest with me.

Forgiving me when I make mistakes.

Viewing us as a team.

Keeping his promises and commitments. 

Remembering the value of my submission. 



@keepingher - Thank You for giving me all of this. I ♥️ You so much.

I just wanted to go to bed but there’s this little white ball of fur in my spot beside my peacefully sleeping owner…



When I came back a minute later after getting a water bottle from the kitchen…

“MY Owner!!!”


Isn’t she the cutest?! 😁

Gute Nacht Tumblr! // Good night Tumblr!


We really hold hands while falling asleep. Or walking. Or sitting next to each other. Actually all the time ♥️ - I love holding your hand @keepingher

I found the below definition on Wikipedia: “Unlike Dominant/submissive structures found in BDSM in which love is often the core value, service and obedience are often the core values in Master/slave structures.” — this unsettled me; to think that care and affection isn’t at the core of a dynamic; that service and obedience outweighs love. As someone who only knows D/s and is thinking of pursuing an M/s lifestyle, this really made me pause. Is this true?



On  the one hand, I think that care and affection are core attributes of D/s relationships more often than not, though of course there are exceptions. On the other hand, my friend @cherished-property dropped a bit of wisdom ages ago: “We need those reminders that “this is not a ‘normal’ relationship.” Love is not enough.”

Here’s the catch @anon

Most of us actually EXPERIENCE the obedience, service, ownership, structure, etc. as acts of giving and receiving LOVE.

And Wikipedia is vulnerable to defining a thing incorrectly, incompletely, and biased when the vast majority hold to a view.

It’s a great little jumping off point to hunt down reliable information. But don’t bank on the Wikipedia info itself.

BTW, just like marriage, every one and their fucking brother has an opinion on what Power Exchange based relationships look like and mean.

And, just like marriage, the only opinion that matters, is that of the people involved in the actual relationship.

So be direct and detailed with any perspective partners about what your needs and wants are no matter what you call it, whether you call it D/s, M/s, This-Thing-We-Do, or just Harry and Sally ……


Also, from the perspective of somebody who identifies as a slave and being in a (very loving) M/s-relationship:

Service and obedience don’t (can’t) ‘outweigh love’, (because) they originate from love. When you don’t have love, you can’t have obedience, outside of abusive relationships (obedience due to fear) that is. I’m not obedient to and don’t serve anybody but my Master, and I couldn’t even be/do, because obedience requires a huge amount of trust and trust comes from love - not necessarily romantic love, it could be some kind of platonic love too, but without love there can’t be trust so deep that it 'enables’ obedience (that’s a matter of definition of course, this is just based on my/our understanding of what these terms, love, obedience etc, mean).

If you would only follow somebody’s lead (incl orders) in cases where it’s convenient for you, where you would act this way regardless no matter if ordered to or not, it’s technically not obedience. What qualifies obedience is doing what you’re told to regardless of your understanding of or agreeing with or circumstantial attitude towards a situation. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have a right to ask for explanations or communicate any issues, or even intervene if you feel like something is going in a completely wrong direction in the worst case, but in general obedience implies trust in the other’s decisions, words, intentions and actions. And you don’t trust somebody unconditionally who you don’t love.

With service it’s similar, only more in reference to motivation. Without a strong, deep motivation to make the other person happy, there is no service. Serving is not only doing what you would do anyway but implies doing something only for the sake of the person whom you are serving, to make them happy in the broadest sense. And love is what fuels this motivation. You want, even need, to have the other happy, because you love him or her.

It’s the same the other way around. Being a Master is a lot of work and responsibility. Without love, you wouldn’t have the need, motivation and discipline to do all the things necessary to maintain this kind of relationship.

Love is, by my definition(s), the basis of D/s, which is the basis for M/s.

If you’re interested in an example how loving M/s can look like, @ anon, I recently wrote a little more in detail about how love and affection go together with service and obedience in our relationship here.


In the end, M/s is only a label anyway. Find your own individual way to live your relationship however it feels right to you and makes you happy. If you call it A or B or AB or notC has no effect on your actual relationship.

Why do you like the flexible cuff you showed more than the really secure irish8 from your pics?

Security is only one aspect to consider about cuffs. There are more. For example:

Irish 8s put your shoulders in a very unnatural position, which is in general a bad thing already for anything other than very short term, and especially for someone with a back injury like me.

The ones from my post (below this one) are, as far as I know, the only cuffs that keep the wrists directly together, without some sort of chain (-like part) in between, that have at the same time the flexibility to prevent the shoulder issue from happening.

Also it’s a subjective matter of personal preference. I’m sensitive to haptics, some things just feel good or bad, right or wrong to me. And these cuffs give me the best feeling.

Which is your favorite hand cuff, given you were to choose?

I can’t take a picture right now because we didn’t unpack yet, but here’s one from Google of the same kind:

Definitely the best handcuffs I’ve ever had. Solid and comfy at the same time.

Did you bring your slave cage from Canada?

No, this thing is huge and heavy, it would have been difficult / expensive to bring it or get it shipped from Canada to Germany. It’s stored with the other stuff in a container on the property.

Do you have own property? Does he decide over your bank account?

I have no own income or money. I still have a bank account and will always have one because it’s, at least in Germany, almost impossible to be without one (you practically need one eg for basic things like health insurance), but there’s no money on it or coming in. He takes care of all the financial stuff. I do the bookkeeping, because He hates doing paperwork so He delegated this task to me, but I have no control over the actual money.


Prince 👑

Yours - @keepingher ♥️

Would you call your relationship dynamic a TPE?

Yes, I do. TPE, as it is commonly understood, means that all control is on one side. That’s the case in our relationship.

I’ve never been a fan of this term though, because technically it’s inaccurate for every (consensual and loving) relationship in the end. But that’s just me being pedantic as usual.

do you like to be helpless by hypnosis, or alcohol, or other things which would avoid the need to chain you?

Click me [link] (or see post below this one)

What is your favorite bondage position/way/tool to make you feel securly having "no choice"?

I absolutely don’t care. It’s about being helpless, doesn’t matter to me by what means.

Did he ever fuck you in the irish8s?


Does bondage - or possibly suspension - add to the intensity of pain? Or does it make it more endurable when being helplessly restrained?

Physically (tight) restraints make it harder, objectively, because things like kicking and twitching etc are natural reflexes to pain and to suppress these causes tension.

Psychologically it makes it easier though, for me personally, because I don’t have to focus on keeping my pose or even to run away, which costs energy. Also acceptance comes easier when you have no choice. So when restrained you don’t have to fight against yourself, physically or mentally.

Do you get physical arousal by suffering for him?

I don’t get aroused by pain but by serving of course. So yes, to suffer for Him can be arousing since it’s a form of service and devotion. But only up to a certain pain level. Too much pain kills arousal for me.

How can he most easily arouse you even if you are not "in the mood"?

When I’m not in the mood I won’t get in the mood.

But maybe that’s a matter of semantics here, maybe we have different definitions of not being in the mood.

I know that you are always available even when you are not in the mood, that said how often, if ever, are you not in the mood?

Being explicitly ‘in the mood’ and 'not in the mood’ is both pretty rare for me. Most of the time I have a perfectly neutral attitude towards sex (I think I wrote about that once in another post somewhere, that in general on the spectrum between asexual and nymphomaniac I’m way closer to the asexual end).

I’m only really not in the mood when I’m sick, and in this time frame in the morning between 50% and 100% awake. When I’m only half, or less, awake, I don’t care about anything at all. After coffee, once I’m fully awake, I’m my usual eager to please self. But in between I’m in a zombie kind of state, I don’t talk (very unusual for me, haha), I don’t even really react to any input, and I’m not in the mood for anything at all.

But in the end it always makes me happy to serve my Master ♥️

What is your "favorite" way of him inflicting you pain? Being in terms of most disliked, or least disliked by you? :-)

Most disliked stingy pain caused by things like classical spanking (bare hand), cane, paddle etc or anything made of rubber. Least disliked classic leather floggers/whips. Most disliked areas everything except my back, least disliked back.

Electro is somewhere in the middle. Not as bad as an ass spanking but worse than a flogger on my back.

Unstingy pain is relatively bearable in comparison.

The intensity plays a big role too of course.

And for me especially, the duration. I’d rather have the worst possible pain for a minute (knowing it’ll be over in a minute) than average pain for an hour. Not to know when it will end is almost torture for itself already for me.

But in the end I find all kinds of pain hard to endure.

What is his favorite way to inflict you pain for his arousal?

I’m not completely sure actually. He likes different kinds of pain. - Ask Him.

Do you "fear" that you might become a masochist at some point, either getting used to the pain, or learning to enjoy it, unvoluntarily?

Unlikely. I’ve been with different sadists for quite awhile by now and think that would have already happened if it were possible for me to ‘become’ a masochist. I’m kind of on the fence about the question if this is even possible in general. On the one hand, sexual kinks are tightly connected to your needs and they don’t just change one day normally because they originate in your identity. On the other hand, conditioning is a simple process that works for all humans and happens all the time, mostly even unintentionally. So, who knows. But for me, from my experience, rather unlikely to happen I think. So no, nothing I 'fear’.

You say you do not enjoy pain or suffering, and it seems you see it as an advantage for him, thus both of you. Did you ever hit a limit in how much suffering you can offer him, as in amount or intensity? And how do you feel hitting such a limit?

Yes, we do see it as an advantage, that I’m not a masochist, while He is a sadist. Mind you, that only works for us because He likes to cause suffering without pleasure and I have a strong desire to show Him my trust and devotion also through sacrifice. For others this constellation could be problematic.


This is tricky…

Every pain is a negative sensation for me, and it gets more negative the higher the pain level. At the same time it makes me happy to make Him happy through my suffering. How to determine the point where a limit is reached? What does that even mean in this context?

I know that He would never cause any damage to me and the only indirect damage I can think of, that my pain/His sadism could cause the relationship, is that my fear of the intensity of the pain would supersede my desire to make this kind of sacrifice for Him. In this case I would be constantly afraid of His next move, and this would be unbearable for the both of us. This would be the practical limit (never hit it yet), while theoretically there is none. Then we would talk and adapt.

So as long as it doesn’t make me fear Him in a way that undermines our happiness, He can go as far as He wants in terms of pain and no matter how hard to endure it would be, I would not consider it a limit for pain is only a temporary sensation that for itself causes no damage in the setting of a relationship like ours.


Disclaimer: This is our individual approach, that works in the unique environment of our relationship. For other people and under other circumstances this might be different and could damage the relationship. Talk to each other about these things, to find your individual best way to deal with issues like this.

Thank you to @delighted-in-debauchery for the tag in her post about #uncommon D/s 🌸

Actually I’m not sure how uncommon the ‘uncommon’ parts of our, @keepingher ’s and mine, D/s really are, I think they are more common than the majority of D/s-Tumblr-content makes one believe, but let’s just say that 'deviates from the cliché’ counts too. So…

First, I think, my Master is not the typical/average Dominant and I’m not the typical submissive. He doesn’t like to boss people around, I’m not a people-pleaser. He’s a rather anti-social introvert who lacks the ability to read people’s emotions, body language or intentions, which is why people are regularly alienated by Him, and I am in real offline life a smart ass with this constant urge to educate everybody about the benefits of reason and logic, which is why people usually don’t like me when they don’t meet me online first, where most people find me, even though a weirdo, kind and sympathetic mostly (I assume this discrepancy is due to the fact that offline I find people extremely exhausting because I can’t take time off of them, online I can and everything is fine, which probably explains my different behavior and how people perceive me). Anyway… So, rather the opposite of the cliché-Dom/sub, as He doesn’t seem to have this natural charming charisma that captivates everybody’s attention (though for me personally He does have it), that the perfect Dom is supposed to have, and I’m apparently more of an ice block in other people’s eyes in an offline environment than something cute and lovable (though to Him I am), which the perfect sub is supposed to be.

As for our relationship…

We identify as Master and slave because of the so called 24/7 Total Power Exchange that’s inherent to our relationship concept and the basis for our personal D/s. But our daily life doesn’t seem to match how most/many people seem to define M/s. We have almost no protocols about our interactions and only very few rules. In the framework of love, respect and obedience, I can talk and act however I feel like it and that’s what I do. I don’t need a rule to tell me not to be bratty or a protocol to remind me to be respectful, and He doesn’t need a rule or protocol (for me) in order to feel in charge of and worshipped by me. We do have a few visible signifiers of our Dynamic though, like collars, chains/cuffs, morning greetings, orgasm permission, a 'title’ for Him (Master)… As in every relationship we just pick the things that feel right for us personally and drop the rest. In our case that’s traditional gender roles - He earns the money, I do the household stuff, He fixes the car, I feed the cat, I serve Him tea or whatever He needs etc - on a TPE fundament - He has the last word about literally everything, He makes all decisions, I always obey, I’m always sexually available, including that 'I’m not in the mood’ or 'I don’t want to/that’ is not an option, and in general that there’s not a part of my life I don’t or wouldn’t surrender to Him - which is possible, and desirable, for me because He is the most responsible, thoughtful and caring person I know and could even imagine.

But this kind of 'extreme’ hierarchy doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have a say in our relationship or that we wouldn’t have shared responsibilities. We see ourselves as a team in this, and in life in general. We talk a lot about absolutely everything and He always takes into consideration what I think about something. I’m free to give Him any kind of input about any topic, to ask for explanations for His behavior or decisions and to question Him. And I do that. As long as I’m respectful (which should be a matter of course in any relationship) and do it under the premise that in the end I’ll always respect His decisions/orders, I can ask and say whatever I want, including criticizing (constructively) or disagreeing. It seems that people think, that a 'slave’ wouldn’t or shouldn’t be allowed to do these things, but we think that it’s essential for a healthy relationship of any kind, because it’s still a relationship of two so it needs input from two in order to work (as in for both to be happy, with each other).

Also there seems to be a common understanding that all slaves have and/or like to be micromanaged. My Master hates micromanaging and, even though I could happily live with any order He would give me, I’m generally not a fan of this approach either. He (normally) doesn’t tell me at what time to clean the kitchen, when to use the bathroom, what to wear, how exactly to do this or that (if I don’t ask) etc. It’s about the results and for me to choose how to get there. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be part of a specific task to do something a certain way or at a certain time or that His sadism couldn’t cause Him to make me do something exactly as He wants it, but in general He prefers macro- over micro-management.

A rather unique difference between our and most other people’s D/s is due to His autism, especially His inability to 'read people’. He doesn’t just intuitively pick up what people feel or mean or want from Him, or at best only to a very low degree, if they don’t explicitly verbalize it. Of course that’s a problem when dealing with people because the biggest part of communication is nonverbal. Also other people can’t read Him (correctly or at all) which alienates them. This requires me to take charge in some kinds of social interactions or to 'advise’ Him on some decisions when other people’s intentions, feelings or behavior have to be considered. We don’t see that as a temporary shift in the Dynamic but as a form of service.

Another thing that’s often misunderstood is a mix of allegedly paradox character traits. My Master is a sadist and likes it to see me suffer (for Him and caused by Him). I’m not a masochist, I don’t enjoy pain or discomfort for itself one bit, which makes it even better for Him. He needs the sacrifice (and it makes me happy to give it to Him), the 'pure’ suffering, uncontaminated by pleasure, and He likes it to be 'mean’. At the same time He is the most loving, compassionate, thoughtful Caregiver. He cares for me when I’m sick, He buys me a teddy bear so that I have something to cuddle with when He can’t be there, He drops everything when I need a hug or kiss, we cuddle a lot, and when I tell Him that something would make me really happy I can be 99% sure that it will happen (that works for us and within the Dynamic because it’s the small things that make me happy, like neck kisses or a certain cheese for breakfast, and not cars or yachts). He always takes good care of me, my wellbeing and happiness, and also likes to hear me scream and cry in pain He causes me. - Actually I don’t think, that this is something uncommon, there are so many loving sadists out there, but many people still don’t seem to get it because they don’t understand that this is not a 'problem’ of paradox character traits but simply a matter of (good) character plus (S&M) kink.

So, bottom line… If anything, the 'uncommon’ thing about our D/s would be, that we have the steepest possible hierarchy in our relationship combined with the highest possible degree of trust, respect and love for each other (which shouldn’t qualify as uncommon really). He is in control of everything, our activities, my movements, pleasure and pain, the money (I don’t own anything), well… everything you can think of. His word is law, He holds all the power. And He executes and uses this power to satisfy His needs and wants, which makes Him happy, as well as to provide an environment, in which I can be my best and happiest self, which is exactly what I need and want so what makes me happy. And in the end we are not only individually but together happy, because my happiness implies Him being well and happy and His happiness implies me being well and happy.

If this isn’t harmony I don’t know what is. Fuck 'common’ - we’re all individuals, so only an individual approach (to all things) can make us happy (:


End of happiness overdose, have a nice day 🌼

How is your protocol during honeymoon then, practically?

No chains or eating protocol but other than that the same as usual. Mind you, we’re in general not really ‘high protocol’ in the typical / cliché sense of the term. I say Good Morning and Good Night Master, I say Thank You a lot for all kinds of things, I do as He says, I serve Him by doing my chores, making Him tea etc and naturally also in a sexual way, we’re both always respectful towards each other, I respect His authority as my Dom, but we don’t have specific rules about how I’m generally (not) allowed to talk or behave. I don’t have to start my sentences with 'with respect may I be allowed to speak’ or spread my legs every time He enters the room or things like this, we find that rather silly (for us personally, when others are happy doing that, that’s fine of course). I talk and behave however I feel like it, and I don’t need a rule or protocol in order to be loving and respectful and submissive. We’re pretty 'normal’ after all.

Sitting on the balcony, watching the lights of the ships in the English Channel on the horizon and just randomly an interesting thought crossed my mind:

This love, I’m in right now, is different from all other loves I felt. And I mean in quality, not quantity. I’ve been in love at least three times before, probably four. Seriously, sometimes madly, in love. And I wouldn’t say it was a ‘lower degree’ of love, as in 'less love’ than I feel now for my Master. All of these past loves felt almost the same, only for different people, different things about these people, but the general feeling of love was the same thing. But my love now feels totally different. I didn’t know that this is possible before, and it’s hard to explain but it’s intuitively obvious to me.

This love is much quieter in a good, peaceful way. It’s not hectic and stressful, not even sometimes, just never, ever. It’s so stable and reliable, there are no ups and downs in this feeling of love, it’s always there and always the same. There are no open questions about this love, if it’s real, if it’s strong enough for this or that, if it’s right, if it will last, it just is, and it feels good as it is. There’s nothing to prove for this love, nothing to change about it, nothing to hide, nothing to fight for, nothing to do to make it stay. It doesn’t burn me, or drowns or overwhelms me, I just float on it. It doesn’t ever make me cry, but smile, a lot.

I used to think that love has to be something very energetic, all time exciting, burning hot and bright, that this is what 'true love’ would look like. I’ve changed my mind. There are other 'species’ of love too and for me, personally, this quiet love feels so much 'righter’ and makes me so much happier.

I know from experience that love alone is not enough to make a relationship work. But if any kind of love can be the basis for a long term happy relationship for me, it’s this one.

@keepingher - I’m not completely sure how you do it but thank you for making me feel that way ♥️

Do you spend honeymoon as submissive or in equality?

I am submissive, that’s nothing I could or would want to change. Our Dynamic, the ‘power hierarchy’, is never on hold for any reason, it’s an inherent characteristic of our relationship. The execution may vary depending on the circumstances (like e.g. when I’m ill my Master is more lenient and forgiving and less demanding or around family protocols change etc) but I’m always His submissive and He is always my Dominant, He always leads and I always follow.


Honeymoon in Oostende.

We’ve spent the past month packing up the house, 36 hours traveling to Germany, gotten sick, and now it’s time to relax a bit and enjoy our company!

Just as pretty at night…

Wholesome family story:

My Master has a wound on His head and is constantly picking on the scab even though I told Him like 20 times already not to. Yesterday at dinner with my mom He did it again and she (softly) slapped His leg, gave Him ‘the (worried) look’ and 'the (waving 'stop that!’ index-) finger’, like mommies always do it when you misbehave, and told Him not to touch the wound so that it can heal. He hasn’t done it again since then.

Today my Master had to print something and used my mom’s laptop and printer. When He came back He said “Omg, your mom desperately needs an SSD. It takes 5 min to actually print and 45 minutes to wait for stuff to open or load. When we’re back from our honeymoon I’ll get her an SSD.”

So… My mom is starting to do the mommy-y things with Him (worrying and caring, and ironing His shirts) and He is starting to do the son-in-law-y things with her (fixing her bed and laptop). That makes me so happy ☺️♥️

Sasha’s big adventure

So, Sasha traveled with us from Canada to Germany which was of course a huge undertaking and totally exciting and probably also a little scary for her.

When the house was empty she could clearly sense that something is wrong, that something big is going on. On the car ride to Vancouver she looked terrified for the first hour but then got relaxed after awhile. And just when she calmed down it was time to put her in her transport box, what she of course loved 🙄 But she was really a good kitty during the flight, didn’t complain much, even though she was in this thing for 20 hours except for a few breaks. Once she escaped, she managed to open the zipper from the inside of the box because we forgot to attach this one thingy, and was loose on the plane (that was kind of funny) and the steward came running to us instantly to remind us that under no circumstances can we let the cat run free on the plane… as if we did that on purpose. Anyway, although it was completely verboten, we let her out every now and then in the plane’s washroom so that she can move a little. Finally at the airport we put her on a leash so that after over 20 hours in the box (and washroom) she could finally walk around again. Then the tram ride to my mom’s place. And then, finally, Sasha happy as a clam in the back yard. All good. The end 🙂

After a literal 24 hours travel first by car to Vancouver and then by two different planes back to Germany, with in total 80kg luggage and a cat, we finally arrived on German soil. Now beer, then shower, then bed.

Cute pictures of Sasha on her first flight tomorrow (:

Today the guys who bought my Master’s sports/classic car came to pick it up. Damn, that was a nice car, a shame to lose it. But it wouldn’t make sense to keep it, we can’t bring it with us and we’re gone for too long to just let it sit here.

When they left He said in this southern US (Texan-ish) accent that He sometimes imitates in some situations (I haven’t figured out the pattern yet, what triggers this, but anyway, it’s so cute) “Ma Baby’s gone” and He sounded sad. I feel kind of guilty because I caused all this change. If it weren’t for me, He wouldn’t move to Germany, and if He wouldn’t move to Germany, He wouldn’t have to leave His beautiful house and wouldn’t have sold the car(s and other stuff). I cognitively know that it’s not my ‘fault’ but His choice, and He keeps telling me that He doesn’t regret a thing and is happy with how everything’s going and so on… and still… makes me feel kind of bad *sigh.

I know that this is a projection issue. I hate change so I subconsciously assume He must feel the same, even though that’s not generally true. He turned His whole life upside down several times already, starting long before He met me, and likes new challenges and adventures. But since I’m so completely different in this regard, it’s hard to understand it emotionally and to not feel guilty for causing so much change.

Stupid irrational emotions.

Edit: His first comment just now after sex “Yep, good deal to trade my car for you.” 😂

Are you on IT as well?

No. I used to do Web Design for the university (a long time ago, back then you only needed html , css, a little bit php & mysql) where I was studying Media and Communication, and I know my way around computers in general on the surface level but that’s about it. Oh and by now I know exactly, down to the digital logic basics, how an (old) mpu works because my Master wrote a 50ish pages paper about it in highschool and I read it, twice (too many ones and zeros in there to get it in one read, He seriously translated literally everything that’s happening there into hex and binary code, and He didn’t get a single digit wrong, I read through them all, every single one, thoroughly. Wow… ). But that’s about it.

How many days in Canada will you still have now?


Do you like the hogtie?

I don’t like uncomfortable positions in general. But I like to serve my Master, doesn’t matter in what way.

Will you be going to 35c3?

See here [link] - note: this ask was referring to 35c3, I assumed and answered accordingly, since it was asked <i>after</i> this year’s ccc, even though it says ‘this year’

Understandable. You guys traveled quite a bit. And well, Passion isn't the only thing going on. We'll definitely be at Boundcon again next year too. If you guys ever go, we'd like to say hi. We didn't interact that much, but you're one of the "old" Tumblr couples that ended up getting together despite being from different continents and speaking different languages. Makes me feel like we have enough in common to say hi and fist bump :)

Yeah, sure, we’ll let you know. I don’t know where you are located in Germany, but if it’s not too far away from us, we can say hi and fist bump regardless of our presence or absence at the major events if you’d like (:

Btw, this blog of mine is rather young, I started it 1.5 years ago. I had another one a long time ago but then my real life stuff got too messy, I didn’t have time anymore for online things and shut it down, it wasn’t very personal anyway. But my Master’s blog is indeed around for a long time already. Still surprises me that in all these years nobody (female, submissive, compatible) here really noticed what an awesome guy He is (which is easy to tell when you look past the porn for a second and read stuff He wrote) and made an effort to get and/or keep Him. Well, good for me 😎😍 (@keepingher: Happy to be with You ♥️)

Are you at Passion in Hamburg this year? Now that you're back in Germany for a while...

I don’t think so. We are both looking forward to a few months of peace and quiet, no people, no traveling, between the big move from Canada to Germany and the next smaller move from Leipzig to wherever we will find a nice place to live.

But maybe next year. Even though that depends… if it will be in HH again and my mood. I lived in Hamburg for ten years and have quite the… past there. It’s impossible for me to be around some, hard to avoid, areas without running into people I know hanging around there and I’m not sure if I’d want that. I have ambiguous feelings about this city, I still like it very much but I’ve been involved in so much crazy shit there, including my arrest and trial and everything around that, that some distance might be a good idea. For the time being at least.



We’re going for vaccinations, Sasha!

This picture made Him giggle so hard in the car that I had to laugh about it without even seeing it (I was driving).

When He looked at it again today, He instantly started to giggle again for a whole minute or so, then stopped and said in the most serious, domly voice “Okay, enough… I have to post more porn again!” (And then we both laughed)


My husband is the cutest ♥️ Even before cats. The cuteness order is: 1. @keepingher, 2. little furry mammals (like cats, dogs, baby giraffes etc) 3. myself, 4. other cute things (like birds and butterflies, old couples holding hands, stuffed animals etc). Just fyi.

Will your Leipzig space have enough attachment points?

It’s a little two room rented apartment and has no attachment points. We don’t intend to stay there for long so we won’t make any changes that we would have to reverse again when we move out. When He wants to attach me somewhere He can easily use the furniture. I wouldn’t get very far chained to a couch or stove or bed or something.

Does your master also get up at 4:30? Is getting so early means that you go to bed earlier to get 8 hours of sleep?

I’m normally up before Him, but He gets up very early too, like around 5. His work starts at 6 already because He needs time overlap with Europe during work time. Once we’re in Germany He will work the second half of the day for overlap with North America, but I doubt that we will sleep much longer then even though we could. Unlike myself my Master is a day-person, He likes the light and is up, at the latest, when the sun comes out.

Yes, we go to bed relatively early. Usually between 9 and 9:30 but sometimes earlier. Yesterday it was 8:30. On the weekends sometimes at 10 but (almost) never later than that. So we don’t get 8 hours of sleep at night, rather 7, but we often take a nap around noon to compensate for that.

Guten Morgen Tumblr / Good Morning Tumblr

It’s fucking 5 AM and still pitch black outside. During summer I got used to getting up between 4 and 4:30 because we don’t have curtains and the house has a lot of windows everywhere so it’s really bright after sunrise. Now the sun comes out around 7 and it’s not really bright until 8, but my body doesn’t seem to be able to adapt, I still wake up at 4:30 every single morning. Annoying. - These kinds of problems are relatively new to me, before I met my Master I had to set an alarm whenever I had some sort of appointment before 11. Now I don’t have to set an alarm even if I had to leave the house at 6 - Anyway, what I’m really getting at: Coffee! Thanks to whoever invented coffee.

October 3rd is ‘Tag der Deutschen Einheit’ (German Unity Day)

Unlike other countries Germany has no such thing as an Independence Day, like in the USA, or [country name] Day, like Canada Day, because dependence never (really) was an issue for us. Instead we have our Unity Day, because division was.

Even though the German Unity Day specifically refers to the reunion of West and East Germany 1989 when the Berliner Mauer (Berlin wall) came down, it fits perfectly in the bigger picture too, a two thousand year history of division. 100 AD it started with 'Germania’, a territory occupied by different germanic tribes, then it became the Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nationen, the Holy Roman Empire of German Nations, then just a bunch of different German kingdoms, then the Deutsches Kaiserreich, the German Empire, which still consisted practically of different German nations. Then, after WW I, the Weimarer Republik, which was kind of united already but was then fucked up shortly after by Hitler, which is probably the only part of Germany’s history that everybody in the world knows about. After WWII we had the occupation and were devided into four zones, and after that we were divided into West and East, the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD, West Germany) and the, so called, German Democratic Republic (DDR, East Germany).

And then, only 29 years ago, we were finally united. So technically Germany as it exists now is younger than I am, even though at the same time Germany is, kind of, almost 2000 years old… Crazy.

Well, anyway… That’s why we have a Unity Day instead of an Independence Day.

And I refrain from analyzing this difference further in a current world-politics context….

Will Sasha be an indoor only cat once you are back in Germany? Does Germany have any laws for bringing pets from the states... like will she have to be quarantined for at all? Here in the states if you move to Hawaii your pet is quarantined for three months!

To bring a cat from Canada to Germany it must have a tattoo or microchip and a rabies vaccination given at least 21 days before arrival in Germany, otherwise it gets quarantined for the time difference (so if you would vaccinate your cat two days before arrival, she would be quarantined for 21 minus 2 days = 19 days, if she has been vaccinated 21 days or more ago, there will be no quarantine). Sasha has a tattoo and a chip, and got her rabies shot three weeks ago, so there shouldn’t be any problems. (For some countries, where rabies is widely spread, the requirements are stricter, like blood titer tests, btw)

No, she won’t be an indoor cat. She’s a farm cat, she loves it to hunt for mice and moles, and birds unfortunately, to catch and eat grasshoppers and just in general be outside, you can’t turn a cat like that into an indoor cat. When my Master was in Germany for a few months she was at His dad’s place and couldn’t go outside (there are coyotes in the park next to the house, it’s cute to listen to them at night but you wouldn’t want to have your pet around them of course) and even though the house is pretty big with a lot of room to run around and play for a cat, she was clearly not really happy and started to claw on the furniture at some point because she was so bored. So she will stay at one of my parent’s places, where she can go outside, while we are looking for a suitable place for all three of us.

Sasha is part of the family, we do what’s best for her whenever possible.

The Arctic Cat

Look at this fur… Like an Arctic Wolf with a cat’s tiny head and legs. I’ve never seen a (domesticated) cat with such thick fur.

In other poses you can tell that she is rather skinny underneath, you can see her shoulder blades and everything, so she is not fat. When we were at the doctor three weeks ago for her rabies shot I even asked if she had a normal weight because I wasn’t sure, and I was assured that everything is perfect. It’s just that her fur is unusually thick for a cat.

Isn’t that cute?! 😻 She’s such a special little kitty 💕