July 2018

Robert Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - My Girl’s Pussy
(Original by Harry Roy, 1931, but I didn’t find a decent recording of the original version)

are you always allowed to let your arousal lead to orgasm when he fucks you?

I’m physically not capable of orgasms from prenatation alone so this just does not happen.

Did you make the jam in chains?

No. The jam is literally boiling and I’m clumsy enough that I burnt myself three times while making it even with free hands. To do it in chains would probably kill me or so.

Also at the moment I wear the chains rather irregularly, when my Master wants me to, and not all the time. There’s so much to do at the moment, especially the fruit trees, that would take an eternity in chains or wouldn’t be possible at all.

Apricot jam 101. From the tree to the jar.

This simple farm life is so relaxing and kind of satisfying 😺

Are you allowed to initiate any sexual activity? Are you allowed to ask/beg for those?

I’m allowed to ask or beg for or to try to initiate whatever I need or want. It’s about doing it in a respectful manner, one that doesn’t (/isn’t designed to) undermine His authority and respects our Dynamic. Within this ‘framework’ there are no limits of what I’m allowed to do.

So if He would make it an explicit rule ‘Ask for permission before trying to initiate sexual activities’, then 'respecting the Dynamic / His authority’ would of course imply to do that. But when there is no explicit rule about something, like in this case, I’m free to do whatever I want as long as what I want or how I express it is not disrespectful towards Him and/or violates the boundaries inherent to our relationship concept.

In general: Tbh I don’t see any other way how a happy relationship like ours could work. If I would have to worry all the time if I could do x, if it is too much to ask for or inappropriate, how He would react to it etc, I couldn’t be myself anymore but had to adapt completely to what I think He expects from me, and I could be wrong about it, and this could make me afraid to say anything at all. That’s not what He would want either. He made it clear that He wants me to always say what I think, that I’m free to express literally everything that matters to me, including Wants, that doing so can never be a violation of anything by itself. It’s how you convey it, what matters.

Maybe you remember my post about communication (somewhere under #llwd) where I mentioned the four layers of a message. In our relationship the information layer can be absolutely everything as long as the relationship layer is 'You’re the boss. And that gives me peace.’

Does it feel like rape when woken up by the dick inside you?

Rape is a sexual act where at least one of the people involved didn’t/don’t consent to what’s happening. My Master has my consent, so it’s just sex like in any other context.

at which time is she typically sexually used each day?

Well, we don’t have a schedule for these kinds of activities so it could be any time. But if there is a pattern it’s probably, that I regularly get woken up shortly before sunrise by a hand on my tits and/or a dick between my legs.

Before sunrise so far north btw is before 4 in June and between 4 and 5 in July and August. I expect compassion. (No I’m not complaining about my Master, I’m always happy to serve Him, I’m complaining about the celestial bodies, their spatial relation to our earth and about gravity, so basically their stupid timing.)

Aside from that whenever He feels like it.

Early morning inspirational quote.

If more people would only understand this, or rather be like this, the world would be a better place.

Works this way too: I don’t have to like you to agree with you or respect you.



Morgen Tumblr / Morning Tumblr

The sheep is btw totally unrelated to my morning and probably yours too. Just because. And ‘Because’ is btw my new favorite before-coffee-argument for and against absolutely everything.

Carpe diem.

Morgähn, Tumblr.

Early morning German lesson:

“Morgähn” is not really a (-n official) word, rather a word play. It’s a combination of Morgen=morning and *gähn*=*yawn* (from gähnen=to yawn), that works because the pronunciation of the ‘gen’ in Morgen is only slightly different from the pronunciation of 'gähn’. So it’s basically a Good Morning that implies that you’re not fully awake yet.

Now coffee for me, and shortly for you an elephant on a trampoline. Just because.

do you now have the cage for yourself?

Until Sasha brings us another victim we have to nurse back to life, yes.

did the bird recover?

Hank died, most likely from an infection caused by a cat bite ): We didn’t see any bites and he was totally fine last time we checked, eating, drinking and he even managed to (erratically) fly around a little, but then he suddenly was dead.

So Sasha killed Hank. Stupid cat.

Btw someone asked me in a message about belling the cat: NO! That’s cruel. I really feel for the poor animals she brings us half dead half alive, but that’s nature. She is a farm cat, hunting is her nature, her natural instinct. To make that impossible for her would be torture.

Referring to the ten or so unanswered Asks in my inbox about the cage: It’s currently occupied by an injured bird.

Sasha brought this poor little thing from one of her hunting trips and we thought it was dead because she carried it around the house for two hours, dropped it somewhere, picked it up again and so on and during all this time the bird didn’t move one bit but was just hanging limp in her mouth or lying on the floor. Also Sasha never brought a bird still alive so far, only half alive mice that we had to (mercy-)kill in the end. So I thought the bird was dead but when I wanted to remove the body he moved his legs and head. When my Master wanted to pick him up to release him, his tail feathers all fell off even though He was very careful so Sasha must have injured the bird while playing with him. Without his tail feathers he can’t fly anymore (well he can fly since his wings are fine but he has no control over the direction anymore which makes flying for him pointless or rather even dangerous at the moment), so we decided to keep him safe until they grow back. If we would just release him now he would starve to death if he would survive long enough before Sasha or another predator would hunt him down.

I hope he doesn’t have any internal injuries we can’t see and that he survives. I already love this cute little bird 😻

Hurt me.


“You suffer; You grow.”

— a.y.

#advantages of being with a sadist (:


A Dominant Gives Their Submissive Leadership Through The Storms Of Life

@keepingher 😻

your house looks like a pig pen, please clean up the trash before posting any more pictures. gross.


Aww! Is somebody feeling insecure and wanting to pull others down to feel better about themselves?

There there. Take a drink from your sippy cup, have a nice little nap, and you’ll feel better.

Okay, as the house wife here I think I’m supposed to defend my honor …

Yea, what a pig pen… Books lying around on tables, a keyboard on the desk, even a toaster on the kitchen counter 🙄


Meta analysis: What a weakness that I do feel slightly offended by some random anonymous stranger. Being human is so unpleasant in so many ways and I find new ones almost every day. And being notoriously self-reflexive makes it even worse. Is anybody else being bothered by these irrational human deficiencies or is it just me?


Oh I love this house so much btw 😻

@keepingher (:

Gute Nacht Tumblr // Good night Tumblr

Things that send Dovey into a giggling fit


The woodpecker who pecks at the side of the house some mornings.

Nose booping the cat.

This clip:

1) The woodpecker mistakes the house for a tree because it’s basically made of trees (log house). - Okay probably he knows the difference but doesn’t care because close enough, but I just decided to believe he thinks our house is a tree because that would be so cute. Also this pecking sound is cute, it sounds different from just a woodpecker on some tree in the yard when he is pecking on the outside of your walls. It sounds cuter!

2) Nose booping the cat! Self explanatory I think.

3) I’m not sure if this works isolated as a gif without context (Gotham TV Show) / without knowing the character. But Penguin is just the cutest!

And we found another thing yesterday that makes me giggle: Birds running on the fence. Omg that looks so cute!

So basically… cuteness overdose is the pattern here. I giggle when something is especially cute. And my Master finds it cute when I do that. Perfect (:

what was your last punishment for?


I put the receipt for the parking fees upside down on the dash, I mean with the back side facing up, and caused my Master a ticket (50 bucks). My mind was busy doing something else… as always *sigh

Prefer a cage or a cave for at home?


What kind of cave?

Cage vs Cave you can walk around in: That’s not comparable. So a cage for confinement and a cave to live in (I’d prefer a cave over a normal room actually).

Cage vs cage-sized cave: A cage covered by a blanket for the cozy cave feeling without the creepy being buried alive in stone feeling. I like caves very much and I’m not claustrophobic in general but this would be too much, a cave-cage would freak me out.


Happy Friday 13th!

I hate this day so much. Not because of stupid superstition but because of negative associations.

It was Friday the 13th when I got arrested and a lot of trouble started for me. That was a bad day and it kind of was my own fault for it shouldn’t be difficult to outsmart cops. I failed, only once in many years but still, that’s enough. And I got punished for it with this whole arrest procedure, dragging you away, making you strip to search you properly, throw you into a completely empty cell, one with camera so you can’t kill yourself without them noticing it, keep you there, in my case on detox and without a blanket or any food or water even though that’s technically not legal but for only 24 hours who cares…, and during all this you have to be nice to them or it’s just getting worse… This is the absolute worst for me, forced submission/domination to/by strangers, it’s one of the very few things that make me furious, aggressive, irrational and it took all my mental resources not to attack everybody around me, which would only have put me in an even worse position.

So what this is really about… Friday the 13th is my personal day of failure and humiliation. I don’t care spending time in a cell, I don’t care about strangers seeing me naked, I don’t care about getting charged with something, it’s simply a matter of principle… I don’t submit to anybody except my Master and nobody tries to force me to unpunished. But this was one of these rare situations where you just have no choice. I don’t regret anything - that’s not true but I don’t regret much - that led to this situation, some risks you have to take, but I can still feel the anger when I think back. This urge to jump on somebody’s throat and squeeze. And I don’t like it that I’m being irrational about this matter, that’s a massive weakness to me. - Friday the 13th, not a good day.

After watching the Discovery episode where they’re stuck in a time loop with only one person noticing it (and a few days earlier Groundhog Day, same situation)…


I: If I would tell you one day that we’re in a time loop and I’m the only person who remembers the previous loops, and I would ask you to tell me something that you haven’t told anybody about so I can prove to you in the next loop that it’s actually happening and not just me talking crazy… What would you tell me?

He: That’s easy. I have a password for that. It’s <password>.

I: What do you mean you have a password for that? You’re fucking with me, again, right?!

He *totally seriously*: No. Like 25 years ago I was thinking about this and decided on a password for this exact situation. So if we’re ever in a time loop and I don’t know it, just tell me ‘We’re in a time loop, the password is <password>.’ and I will know it’s true.

I *laughing so hard that I almost fall off the chair*: That’s honestly the nerdiest thing someone ever told me. And it’s exactly these kinds of little details about you, like time loop passwords, that make me love you so much. We’re just perfect for each other! ♥️

Gute Nacht Tumblr! / Good night Tumblr!

I’ve always been an anti-claustrophobic closet lover from childhood on and that never changed. Dark confined spaces are just so cozy!

(The typical prey instinct, as in ‘wide open spaces mean danger, hidden corners are safer’, and even though that makes perfect sense by evolution, it always kind of bothered me that I seem to have it, in a modern world with effectively nothing left anymore that could hunt (someone like) me down but opportunities to lose when hiding from the world. Stupid genes…)

Thank You for punishing me, Master 🖤


Model: Tears / Rope and photo by Me

Men have their man caves, we have our slave caves. Equal rights for everybody! 😀

Why so few photos nowadays?

I’m VERY picky about what pictures I want to have on my blog and it’s rather time consuming to search my dash for the few that meet my requirements. When I have the time I like doing that, when I don’t have the time it’s a chore to do it quickly.

But actually I like my blog better with a more even text picture balance than recently. I’ll see what I can do about it.

…with @keepingher 🖤





Guilty Beauties series - Lisbeth

What a great picture

what happened to "lando"?

1) I got annoyed by constantly having to answer the question what it means.
2) I got together with @keepingher so to replace it by ‘kept’ instead of just dropping it felt right.

I just came upon your blog and so far I really like they way you sound , you seem stern yet gentle like someone who is not only interested in their own pleasure and enjoy but also their sub's , one question tho, physically what is your type , or what are you most attracted to , body wise , even race too , hair type all that




*melts* 😻

I 🖤 You, Master.

Is she getting her hands chained or cuffed behind her back when she is not supposed to do useful things for the moment?

Sometimes but not regularly.

Is it true that with your hands in irish8 it is impossible to wank anymore?

I’m sure if you’re just desperate enough (and depending on how flexible you are) it’s not 100% impossible but yes, pretty close to impossible at best.

Does a somewhat bigger plug humiliate you?

No, I don’t find plugs humiliating.

"Here"? Where can I find your pics being in irish8?

I linked the pictures in the post. Klick the underlined words (links).

Can you walk or jump with iriah8 on your ankles?

Walking no way. Jumping technically yes but it hurts pretty much so practically no.

Why is it an enjoyable intimate moment when he locks a cuff on you?

It’s a symbol for His ownership. It’s intimate by nature because our close emotional bond to each other is the basis for His ownership over me/my submission to Him. He wouldn’t own me if we weren’t in love. It’s enjoyable by (my) character because it makes me happy to please Him and locking me up pleases Him.

I mentioned this in various Asks already but once again. I don’t have a kink for chains, cuffs, spreader bars etc. I don’t enjoy, or not enjoy, these things. I enjoy being His property. I enjoy to please Him. It makes me happy to make Him happy. I enjoy our conversations. It makes me happy that He cares so well for me. These kinds of things. The physical circumstances and means are (mostly) irrelevant.

Do you feel more strictly owned when a cuffs is locked on you, or when you are ordered to lock yourself?

I’m never ordered to lock myself. The only thing I do myself is making sure the chain is not twisted, not even once/180 degrees, when He locks my cuffs with it, because that’s driving me crazy (because not symmetric, well technically in this case the chain would be point symmetrical and the cuffs axis symmetrical but I mean the whole thing) . But the locking/unlocking is His job.

Fir which situations do you get the shortest chains?

When He wants me to. Usually I get the tightest restraints when He is in a sadistic mood and wants to hurt me.

When being allowedly lazy or idle, do you rather enjoy stricter bondage by him? Or would you prefer (more) freedom when you were allowed to choose?

If I were allowed to choose I would choose what I would think makes Him happy. And constantly feel insecure about my choice because I can’t read His mind and could be wrong. I’m happy that I don’t have to choose and I prefer to do what He tells/wants me to.

Do you have pics where you wear the irish8 behind your back? And/or on your ankles?

Ankles here.

Back no, because.

Do you sometimes need uncuffed "free" time?

Yes. Well, depends on how you define ‘need’, I would certainly survive with literally 24/7 cuffed hands, but it would affect my mood very badly never to be able to move freely. Also I’m sure it wouldn’t be healthy.

Do you prefer (no matter you may actually decide or not) being plugged for having vaginal sex?

My Master likes it and wants me to wear it so I prefer to do it. I don’t wear it because I prefer to wear it - I have no preference per se about plugs, neither an aversion* to plugs - I wear it because He wants me to and I am happy to please Him.

Plugs, like most other things, are tools. It’s not about the tools, it’s about their effect or result.

@ native speakers: do you rather say aversion or averseness, or something else, in English?

Gute Nacht Tumblr // Good night Tumblr