May 2018

Keptmathilda, I would love to know more about her/your bed. My little one is currently using a dog bed, but I've found it to be lacking. Can you provide a sales source for it or, perhaps, point me in the correct direction? Thanks!! Thalanos

Hi Thalanos,

in my opinion there is no (for humans) comfortable pet bed, you have to ‘modify’ it to make it comfy. Our approach is, from the lowest to the highest layer: Yoga mat (as buffer and as a non slip kind of thing) , dog bed, folded duvet or something similar fluffy, bed sheet. Works fine for me, as someone with a back injury.

Can hand cuffs be addictive?

Everything can be(come) addictive if your brain releases enough dopamine, endorphins, adrenalin etc while it’s happening.

Does that mean you will spend half a year in Germany, half a year in Canada and so on?

No, I won’t be able to return to Canada for some years because visa issues. How it will be in the further future, we don’t know yet. My home country is Germany which is where my family is, His is Canada where His family is, so we will probably spend some time in both places regularly but we don’t know yet where we will set up our home base. We only know for at least the next few years it has to be Europe.

Do you think that, aside from what you claim is "weird" (I personally do not regard either of you as weird neither do I regard BDSM as weird because I have a similar lifestyle), when it comes to friends and family, you are pretty much the norm? We've had friends who left us when the going got tough, when we were ill and we learnt about the lack of real friends through the school of hard knocks. Neither do we have any kind of family. Most folks do, right? So in that sense are you like them?

Like ‘them’ as in like your friends who let you down when things got difficult or as in most folks who have family?

I’m not sure how close to or far from the ‘norm’ I am regarding family. I love my parents very much and I’m endlessly loyal to my family (which is my parents, my Master, His father and brother) - which is rather normal…I hope. Despite that my relationship to my parents is totally fucked up - which is kind of normal too…I’m afraid? So yes, I do have family, it’s a mess and I love them anyway.

I’m definitely far from everything normal when it comes to any kind of social life outside of family. I was never able to maintain any friendship I ever had for longer than a few years until I gave it up completely to keep in touch with anybody or make new friends ten years ago. I’d like to think it was an addiction problem but being honest I know that’s not true because I had these problems long before already and just got sick of it. I was always altruistic and loyal towards my friends but at some point they dropped me anyway because I seem to be/appear (I leave it to you which applies to what) too complicated, too cold, too rebellious, too much of an arrogant smartass, a drinker, a preacher, an introvert, a fighter, a loser, too ‘dark’, too mentally ill, too crazy, too rational, too irrational, too unemotional, too un-/reasonable, too ir-/responsible, too neutral, too opaque, too suspicious. Can’t really blame them.

In general I find relationships with other people outside of my innermost circle extremely exhausting. If you’re not someone I would help to get rid of a body leave me the fuck alone would be my credo about ‘social life’.

What’s weird is of course subjective. Just a judgement. But one that everybody I ever knew made about me so there must be some truth in it. But I don’t care.

which country do you find more beautiful: Canada or Germany?


Are you under control for bladder desperation?


When will be your next visit to Germany?

We will leave Canada and head back to Germany in October. 180 days is the maximum time I’m allowed to stay here as an EU citizen without a visa.

how long are you usually chained below the stairs as in the pic, and how much of it do you actually enjoy?

It’s not under the stairs it’s in the middle of the room. This kind of restraining like on His last picture He usually uses to render me helpless to do anything against His sadistic activities. He likes it when I’m physically unable to avoid pain He inflicts on me.

I very much enjoy serving Him in any way. It makes me happy to make Him happy (:

Are either of you at all spiritual?

That’s a challenging question…

Depends on what exactly you mean by spiritual. We talked about it and agreed on defining it roughly like ‘believing in the existence of non corporeal lifeforms - which may (eg. ‘soul’, ‘nature spirits’, ‘bad spirits’ possessing someone/-thing) or may not (eg. ‘ghosts’, ‘bad spirits’ (floating around), Yahweh) inhabit a corporeal thing or being and/or may (eg. ‘poltergeist’-ing, powers like telekinesis or telepathy (originating from the, non corporeal, ‘mind’ not the brain)) or may not (eg. astral projection) be able to affect the physical world.’

In this sense we are both not ‘spiritual’ meaning we do not ’believe in the existence’ of these things. But we are a little different in our individual not believing.

My Master’s default mode is just disbelief because there is no physical evidence, no scientifically measurable effect of ‘spirits’ or whatever kind. If something is not scientifically measurable it is by default not part of His reality. That doesn’t mean He would completely exclude the possibility since no evidence implies no evidence for and against it but a mere theoretical possibility of something is not enough for Him to believe in it. The belief in entities not proven to exist is ‘conjecture’ to Him, nothing more or less. Maybe a little easier to understand with a practical example: It’s like the green zebra thing. There is no evidence for or against the existence of green zebras. That nobody ever saw one does not necessarily mean they don’t exist somewhere. But we don’t believe in green zebras because noone ever found any evidence that they exist. Same principle.

I don’t ‘believe’ in these things either for the same reasons. But my default mode is not in any case disbelief, as in the exact opposite of belief, but about some things I’m rather agnostic, even though closer to disbelief than to belief. Meaning on a scale from 0~disbelief to 10~belief I’m somewhere between 7 and 9 respectively for some spiritual concepts. In short I think ‘Unlikely, but I just don’t know’. But in the case there is such a thing as spirits, I wouldn’t consider them as something supernatural or paranormal but something natural/normal that we just can’t explain by currently available scientific means. Like a solar eclipse or fire burning under water used to be considered supernatural at some point in the past whereas now we know that these are perfectly ‘normal’, scientifically measurable and explainable (a certain constellation of celestial bodies, a chemical reaction eg of magnesium) physical phenomena.

Does this make sense to you?! – Thanks for the interesting Ask and sorry I left it unanswered for so long. I want to give these kinds of questions some thought instead of writing just something off the top of my head.

Would you give it a blessing if his father and your mother got engaged romantically with one another and become a couple?

Extremely unlikely for they wouldn’t match at all as a couple, but okay, for the sake of the argument…

Sure, why not?! They are not biological relatives and it wouldn’t hurt anybody. I want my family to be happy. If this would make them happy, fine.

You comfortable sharing your fetlife username if you have one?

I don’t use Fetlife.

Also, I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatnot account btw.

Not my thing.

somewhere your man wrote he thought about having 2 subs...even though u r totally mono now are you not concerned he might change his mind, again?

That’s, in its core, actually a good question.

No, I’m not concerned. We talked about this very early along with the hundred other things that are important to discuss in order to determine the qualities/boundaries of a relationship together.

He considered that for awhile before we met and then decided that this wouldn’t work out for Him in the end. That’s totally fine for me. I had different wants, desires, fantasies, expectations, ideas about various things etc too at different points in my life, everybody does, that’s normal.

When you’re dealing with relationships/sexuality (including D/s, BDSM) this is especially very common. You have an idea of how something would be or how it would affect you and later a) find out by trial and error that some things just don’t work for you in reality, and/or b) find out by contemplating and reasoning that this can’t work for you in reality (better approach when other people’s feelings are/would be involved), and/or c) your desires change over time because you’re human and humans are not static objects.

Specifically in BDSM a) and c) easily cause problems at some point (because if a fantasy doesn’t work out in reality it’s more likely to have a stronger, potentially negative, effect on you than vanilla stuff - naturally, meaning due to the nature of BDSM - for which so called ‘rape play’ (there is no such thing, it’s either rape or play, and simulated rape/violence is play, but that just btw) and threesomes or poly relationships would be the classical examples) so you should exercise b) rather excessively before actually engaging in something physically or mentally challenging. That’s what He did, instead of just impulsively acting on an idea and causing chaos. So no, this does not concern me in the slightest but rather the opposite, it shows once more His good qualities as a Dominant and a person in general.

Of course technically everybody can change their mind about (almost) everything but having the relationship we have it’s very unlikely that He changes His in this regard. A breakup would be more likely, that one of us dies (too soon) would be more likely, a million other things would be more likely. I don’t worry about asteroids hitting me either.

Has she been trained for wearing irish8 style wrisy cuffs on her back?

Wrong inbox, but I can answer that anyway…

I can’t do that (for longer than maybe five minutes) for medical reasons. I have a neurological damage in my arms, if you bend my shoulders backwards, even just a little, they get completely numb - as in you could stick a knife into them and I wouldn’t feel it or as in after they’re free again they are hanging limp at my side and I’m unable to move my arms and shoulders completely for fifteen minutes or so - in a very short time. We already tested that with other restraints of this kind. No Irish 8 on my back for me.

That’s a side effect of injecting at the inside of my upper arms close to the arm pit. The vein is exactly behind some nerves there and I used to stick needles right through them a few times too often. Also blood circulation problem because of damaged blood vessels…

Such a beautiful place to be 🖤

Ten Tips For Living With A Sadist


1.  Assume that they are always looking for an excuse to punish you.  Never, for example, accidentally eat their cheese sandwich.

2.  If they force you to write down your fantasies for their reading pleasure, don’t write down anything that you wouldn’t want to actually happen at some time in the future.  Once you are running naked through the woods pursued on horseback it’s usually too late to protest.

3.  Don’t put off the inevitable, it will only get worse.

4.  Take great care when purchasing anything for the home, as it is likely to be used as a toy sooner rather than later.  Trips to home improvement store are particularly suspicious.

5.  Think twice before liking any pictures on Fetlife - you’ll only give them ideas.  

6.  Cultivate an innocent expression.  Try this out on your friends, practice makes perfect.

7.  Assume every doughnut (or any other edible treat) is your last.

8.  Don’t forget your manners in the throes of passion and wipe off excess bodily fluids on their chests, this behaviour is frowned upon for some reason.

9.  Never ever express a dislike of anything, especially cold showers.

10.  When in doubt, hide.

republished with permission by Fetlife User: superunderbabe

more articles in the Library For Kinksters.

Accurate 😹

Since the horses do not belong to your master and since he does not (yet? ever?) grow veggies, what are your duties in the farm? Is it harder to clean his home because it's very big?

It’s not a very big house, actually it is the perfect size for two people. It’s very spacious but not too big that it would be a huge hassle to keep it clean.

But we’re living on a 16 acres farm here, there’s ALWAYS dozens of things to do. We keep a To Do list because it’s too many to keep track of them all by memory. We just finished to fix the ancient pump (He fixed it, I read a book to Him meanwhile, haha) that pumps water for the irrigation system from the creek up the hill. There’s a well here where the water for the house comes from. Since the property is divided into several fields there are (old wooden) fences everywhere that have to be fixed if broken so that the horses don’t escape (actually something I like doing, it’s relaxing). And so on… And if there’s some free time a hummingbird gets into the house and we have to spend an hour catching it with a fishnet…The former owners sold it for exactly this reason, they were getting too old to maintain all this.

So yea, there’s always something to do.

Are you proud to have her back in chains where she belongs?


Yup! This hasn’t been an easy journey, but we’ve kept strong and pushed through. I’m so very proud of her <3

Tomorrow, Friday, I’ll be completely clean for exactly 4 weeks. Doesn’t sound like much but for me it’s a huge achievement.

I couldn’t have done this without You, Master, and that’s not only an empty phrase but the truth. I’ve tried and failed often enough before.

It really hasn’t been an ‘easy journey’, rather, everything together, eight months of hell, and I’m so grateful that you didn’t give up on me no matter how hard it was.

Thank You. Especially thank you for doing it not just somehow but the long, the hard, the right way, to give me the best possible chances to get through this and stay on track afterwards. You could have made it (relatively) easy for yourself, but you constantly talked to me about how I’m feeling, supported me in literally every possible way, wanted feedback about how it works what you’re doing and were willing to adapt the process where necessary to make it easier for me (and as a side effect reduce the relapse risk). You were willing to learn and adapt rather than go on an 'I can fix everything’ god complex ego trip and that’s exactly what brought us where we are now. You didn’t listen to other people telling You that You’re doing it wrong and that it won’t work but You listened to me, you did your homework and You put your own needs aside for awhile in order to find the best way for me and make me walk it, with you hand in hand. And You did it. Thank you. I’m so so proud of You too.

You’ve gone through so much with me during the last nine months and never made me feel like I would cause you trouble, even though I know I did, you made me believe that to you I am worth all this. Other people tried what you did and broke at some point in this never ending fight. You indeed 'kept strong and pushed through’ and just dragged me with You. Now that we almost reached the light at the end of the tunnel I feel so grateful that You did that for me, that you stayed and suffered through it with me. And I know you suffered too… Thank You for your strength and sacrifices, Master. I love You so much 🖤 You are the best Master and friend I could ever have hoped for.

Your property @keepingher

Ever had Chatau d'Yquem?

I’m a beer and martini, not a wine person, so I had to Google this one. The only wines I ever had were the ones in my stepfather’s stock and no, ‘Château d'Yquem’ was not among them, I’m sure I would have remembered that.

My Master is a wine drinker, you should ask Him. But since He doesn’t come from a rich family and has for Himself no need for luxury goods I doubt it.


kept.. @keepingher with whom I can laugh and be silly, have deep philosophical conversation and whom I can tell my deepest fears. Sometimes all at the same time.

I’m so grateful that we found each other and made it this far against all odds. I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful in my life before for anything else.

I love you Master.

Having a German beer in the middle of Canadian nature. Life could be worse 😸

Gute Nacht Tumblr! / Good night Tumblr!

Hi Mathilda, do you actually LOVE your chain? Your cuffs? Your very tight cuffs from the recent pics?

Hi anonymous person,

I absolutely love to feel my Master’s control by restraints!

But it depends largely on the context for me how exactly I feel in chains. I’m just not the ‘prisoner’ kind of submissive, I’m the servant/slave kind of submissive (I don’t like ‘labels’ very much but for the sake of simplicity). Kink context: great, all kinds, no matter how tight. Non-kink D/s context: Chains .can. annoy me easily if I feel physical restraints without psychological control. Extreme example: Being chained up in a (otherwise) vanilla relationship would absolutely not add something positive but be the absolute horror to me and I would probably go nuts and attack the holder of the keys at some point in order to free myself (and then chain him up myself and kick him in the face just as revenge for this torture). Chains are tools for me (not a kink for itself), I love them as means to enforce/deepen control that’s already there and I love to wear them to please my Master, as someone who already has control over me. But I hate them as means to create control. It can be a fine line. I’m complicated in some ways.

Does it happen that your are sexually used, but without you feeling any satisfaction, as opposed to being used at other days/occasions?

Without any sexual satisfaction, that can happen, without any satisfaction at all, no never ever. It’s about serving my Master after all, that never not satisfies me.

How important/appealing/arousing is feeling completely helpless for you in sexual situations, or in your relationship in general?

In a kink context VERY much (:

I’ve never ever felt ‘completely’ helpless in any relationship in general so far though and tbh I can’t imagine I ever could (with a person who loves me or doesn’t love me but is less intelligent than I am. Abusive and smarter than me would be the only partner I could imagine feeling helpless with). I mean this as a positive thing. That you have a hierarchy, that somebody has control over you, doesn’t mean you’re ‘helpless’. The only way to be 'completely helpless’ is for somebody to break you(r mind) and that’s not a good thing.

I thought you preferred tea. // If I had to be up at that ungodly hour, I would be ill. Ill as in severe nausea, vertigo and about to faint. I've tried it several times and my body reacts very badly. It basically ruins my day and I'm good for nothing. It makes my anxiety much worse. And no dom in the world can change the migraines I get from it. I'm lucky my Master likes to wake up even later than me, round 11 or noon. We're both night hawks. Your sacrifice is awesome. Any negative side effects?

No, I’ve always been a coffee drinker. My Master prefers tea.

I used to be the same. 100% night owl. If I had to work or study the next morning I went to bed ‘early’ at 1am. Otherwise 3 or 4 or 6 or not at all. Breakfast at 1 or 2 pm. And getting up early also ruined my whole day. If you would have told me a year ago that in a year I’d be up at 5 I wouldn’t have believed you.

It’s a matter of establishing a sleep wake cycle naturally I think, with natural light. Go to bed with sunset, get up at sunrise. The brain gets used to it after awhile. If it worked for a shadow creature like me (I can’t even stand daylight without sunglasses, I’m extremely hypersensitive to light), it can work for anybody.

And yes, that’s in fact one of the bigger sacrifices, as weird as it might be. Light is really a problem for me, to be awake during the whole annoying daylight period and asleep when it’s pleasantly dark is still difficult for me. But I have pitch black sunglasses (:

Good morning Tumblr. Sitting on the deck, having a coffee and listening to Tom Waits.

6am, breakfast finished, dishwasher empty, kitchen (85%) clean, cat fed… A year ago I went to bed at this time 🙄

(I just like this song, no special meaning - I don’t believe in ‘heaven’ or 'hell’)



Let’s Talk About Kink


Let me be clear on something: I like an intense, protracted scene as much as the next guy. Put a flogger in my hand and I go straight to The Happy Place. Kink is wonderful, and a scene with the right person offers an intimacy and connection unlike anything the vanilla world has to offer. But there’s a bit of a problem. If you troll the internet trying to find out about the D/s life, what do you see? Kink. Submissives on their knees, on their backs, being flogged, being cropped, being fucked, being used. Now, one might say this presents a bit of a PR problem when this is the face of D/s that the vanilla world sees. But I frankly don’t care what the vanillas think; they’re never going to understand the life, so their outraged sensibilities are a thing of supreme indifference to me. What does worry me is that far to many in the D/s community — particularly but not exclusively the newly-hatched subs and Doms just entering the life — also think this is what D/s is about. And that is a major problem.

Here’s the thing: kink scenes are simply how D/s people have sex. Let me repeat that, so it sinks in. Kink scenes are simply how D/s people have sex.  Stereotypically, vanilla couples have sex on Saturday nights, missionary style, with the lights off. Does anyone think that this is in any way the totality of what the vanilla life is about? Of course not. But because the kink element of D/s is so “out there” by most people’s lights, and so much a part of the “public face” of D/s (if you doubt that, scroll down your Tumblr dashboard and get back to me), it gives too many people in the life the idea that kink is what the life is.

And here’s the deal, folks. If you’re in it for the kink, you’re in it for the wrong reason.

Being a dominant or a submissive is not something we do, it’s something we are. I firmly believe it is innate, a classic example of “nature” rather than “nurture.” I knew I was a Dominant when I was five, for fuck’s sake. And I’ve had far too many conversations with Doms and subs expressing that same very early realization to believe it’s something we “become.”

So, if it’s not the kinky fuckery, what s it?  I’ll tell you what I believe.

It’s a mutual, symbiotic need. It is the need for the submissive to receive structure, mirrored in the Dominant’s equally bone-deep need to give structure. It is a feeling of mutual trust for which I can find no corollary in the vanilla world, unless it is, perhaps, the mutual trust that a mother and her child feel.  It is a connection forged in intensity and nourished by the deep understanding between the Dom and the sub that “we’re in this together.”  It is, at its best, an ineffable feeling that one’s partner is what we mean when we say the word “home.”

Below I’ve listed some Tumblr blogs where you can get a better understanding of this strange, offbeat, wonderful life that nature chose for us. Now, don’t get me wrong, these bloggers serve up plenty of top-shelf porn (though, even then, their captions often give a lot more insight into the life than the usual “UNFFF!!!” caption), but it’s their writings you’re after. Scroll down, find them, read them, learn from them. They range from short, spot-on aphorisms to full-blown essays. Read these sources, folks. Learn what this D/s life of ours is, and what it is not. Read, learn, discuss, grow, and flourish. You owe it to your partner. You owe it to yourself.








Good luck, y’all.

I love kink. But this ^ is important. Kink is not the centre of D/s but the periphery! The core is (mutual) care, with all its implications on different levels. Never forget about that.

And btw… the kink part is so much better if emerging from an emotional rather than solely sexual need for each other (:

It's so nice your master has a warm and kind family. How many close friends does he have? By close I mean real friends who are there for you through the thick and thin. It will be so much fun traveling to see Canada & the US. Does your master get good benefits from his job like his ability to take time off and do you wake up early with him at 6 am?

Actually I don’t know how many ‘real friends’ He has or which ones would qualify as those. Ask Him.

I don’t know about His benefits from His job, but it’s a German company, so they can’t be too bad. Ask Him. I think remote work already is a huge benefit btw. Sitting on the deck and having a water melon or traveling the country while working doesn’t sound like too terrible work conditions.

Yes we always get up together no matter when I go to bed. My sleep wake cycle completely adapted to His in this regard, I always wake up between 5 and 5:30 (His work starts at 6), without alarm, without Him waking me. I first thought it’s just the light that wakes me (sunrise) and not that my brain actually does that but in Vancouver it was the same and there it was always dark in the bedroom.

Today was the only exception actually, I woke up an hour late, 6:30 because I couldn’t sleep until 4:30. But I never had this before.

It was very interesting to read your impressions about your recent social interactions. A few questions...1) If your master were a total loner (no friends no family) would that be a deal killer? 2) Does your master not insist you go to bed when he does? 3) What does your master and his father have in common? 4) Dinners: did his friends cook or you ate out? 5) What movies did you watch? In the cinema or at home? 6) When will you see them again? 7) How will you pass the next months in Canada?

1) No. Why would it be a deal breaker? I’m with Him, I love Him, I’ll spend my life with Him, I submit to Him. A nice family is a bonus but no requirement. Btw, I haven’t had friends or a (normal) social life in a decade anymore (addiction+autism side effect), doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker for Him either.

2) In general yes, and He will but it’s special circumstances at the moment. I’m clean for only three weeks, my brain chemistry is still totally fucked up and I have sleeping problems because of that (and get severely depressed and a horrible craving easily if forced to lie in bed awake at night). So for now He is rather lenient about sleeping rules.

3) Their language, I mean the way to speak, to talk to people, to phrase their thoughts. Their humor, exactly the same. Their cuteness, they both have something so cute about them even though I often can’t really put my finger on what it is exactly. Their loyalty, family is everything to them, family sticks together no matter what. Their attractiveness and healthy lifestyle, His father looks really good for his age and even though he’s not obsessed with nutrition as my Master is in general he makes sure to stay fit… he runs fucking marathons at almost 70!! They are both early birds, up at six at the latest. Autistic traits, His father definitely has some too even though not as much as my Master. They are both very kind and warm hearted and supportive. Both needy men (in a positive way). They are both weirdos, not the average person, different from the social norm in many ways. - I’m sure I forgot about at least twenty other things.

4) Out.

5) Deadpool 2, theatre.

6) We’ll be going to Vancouver every few weeks to spend time with the family. I’m sure I’ll meet some of His friends again during one or more of these visits but we didn’t make any specific plans.

7) We want to travel around a little so I see more of Canada than just the valley His house is in, Vancouver and the route in between. Maybe even a short trip down to the USA if they let me in. Aside from that… work for Him. Keeping the house in order for me. Maintaining the farm. And in the time that’s left whatever He wants to spend our time with (:


So Needy


“I like me better when I’m with you.”

— Unknown (via syntacked)



Jeff Dunas


by @keepingher, the only person who is not annoyed by me dissecting bad movies/tv shows while watching them. And vice versa. Finding all the plot holes and logic problems together is so much fun. We really are the perfect match in so many weird ways 😸

How was your visit with your master's friends and family?

I already met His family twice before, in Germany after we first met and after we landed in Vancouver, but only very shortly (as in ‘Hi, nice to meet you - bye, see you.’) Now I could finally spend some time with them. I really like them. I had a Scotch and a talk with His Dad one night when everybody else was sleeping, that’s the best way to get to know each other (: My Master and His father are very much alike in many ways, if He turns out to be like this when He is old I’d be happy. Couldn’t spend much time with His brother but He seems to be the kind of guy who wants to be left alone anyway and I can totally relate so I did leave Him alone.

I always feel a little awkward with strangers (believe it or not but I’m a total introvert in my core), but His friends were really nice to me, I like them too. Can’t say much about them though since we didn’t spend much time together (movie, lunch, dinner each). Not enough input/data to form an opinion but my first overall impression is definitely positive.

Family and friends tell a lot about a person. The first are the ones whose genes they share, the latter whom they consciously cho(o)se to be part of their life (it’s much easier to let friendships slide or completely fade than to maintain them, you only do that if you really want to, especially rather less social people like my Master). I’m glad I had/have the opportunity to meet some of ‘His’ people.

“Watch what you say or they’ll be calling you a radical

liberal, oh fanatical, a criminal.

Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re acceptable

respectable, oh presentable - a vegetable.”

- Roger Hodgson / Richard Davies, from ‘The Logical Song’ by Supertramp

Please answer only if happened yet: how were you put back in chains on return, and how were your very first feelings in them?

Back in my daily wear chains. Since I couldn’t even wear the cuffs/shackles, without the chains, in Vancouver* He had to lock everything back on after we returned to the farm.

First feeling. Same as every time. Feeling ‘His’ (property), and I love this feeling 🖤

*too weird for the ‘introducing girlfriend to friends and family’ visit… He was fine with the collar and not wearing long sleeves (scars) because “If they can’t even deal with this, fuck it” (His words, not mine) but we didn’t want to ‘overdo’ it completely right from the start, even though they all know His blog (or at least about His blog), but well… being confronted with it online and in real life can make quite a difference to some people…

How was your night? Back in chains?

Short. And Yes (:

Differences Canada-Germany - Cars and Traffic part 2

I already wrote about cars and traffic differences in my last Canada vs Germany post but now that I drove a little more and longer routes I noticed some more (and since as a German of course I like cars and driving and so I have an affinity to this subject, sorry if I bore the non Germans).

I already mentioned it but my German brain is still not over it so here we go again: Canadians are crazy about Japanese cars. Every other car is a Honda or Toyota! The other half is 90% Hyundai or Mazda (all four rare in Germany). The last 10% is Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC (virtually don’t exist in Germany). Though I saw TWO Bentleys! in Vancouver in only TWO days, and not even in the rich parts of the city!! Wtf! I think I saw like four Bentleys in my whole life before in Germany. And I recently read that Germany is 3rd place of the countries worldwide with the most (single individuals) billionaires (far before Russia or Saudi Arabia) and Canada was not even in the list. That’s kind of special… for a car lover like me.

Also, RED turning lights. I often don’t notice when someone signals to turn because I’m totally used to brake lights red, turning lights yellow. A red light is a brake light to me. Even a blinking one sided red light is rather intuitively interpreted as a weirdly broken brake light than as a turning light. It takes me a second of conscious thinking every time to realize that somebody is signaling to turn instead just having a totally fucked up car.

Next, traffic rules. I thought that at least the basic rules, like what red lights mean or who is allowed to drive first at a crossing or T junction, would be the same, but nope, that would be too easy.

A red light in Canada does not mean you’re not allowed to drive in any case like in Germany. If you want to turn right a red light just generally doesn’t apply to you! For me that’s so weird. In Germany a red light means you have to stop and wait until it turns green, period. In (rare) cases where it is allowed to turn right despite a red light we have a green arrow right next to the red light which means when you turn right the red light may be considered to be a stop sign (same rules as for stop signs then). To just drive through red lights constantly here feels so wrong to me.

Also I never really know what traffic lights apply to whom in general. In Germany a normal traffic light just applies to everybody on the street. If the traffic light only applies to the left turning lane for example there is a left arrow on the traffic light, and I mean on the actual light, the red/green light. Here you either have a tiny sign somewhere near the traffic light that reads ‘left turning light’ or you just have to intuitively know somehow which traffic lights means what. So confusing!

Right of way… Also confusing for a German here. In Germany we have a general rule for that which is 'right before left’. If a car comes from a street to your right, no matter where or what the circumstances, this car drives first. Only exceptions are if a traffic light or street sign (stop sign, yield sign or, they don’t have this one at all here, Vorfahrtsstraße, meaning this street always comes first, explicitly tells you otherwise). They don’t (really, only in one rare case) have this rule here. Instead you just drive through, anywhere, as long as no red light, stop or yield sign stops you. And they have almost no yield signs here, only stop signs, they are everywhere. In Germany it’s the other way around, yield signs everywhere, stop signs rare. And that makes sense. Noone in Canada actually stops at a stop sign (unless you have to because of traffic), exactly because they are virtually at every single crossing, noone takes them seriously. That’s why we normally have yield signs instead in Germany. They only put stop signs where it really makes sense to actually stop. And these cases are rare enough that we (mostly) do take a stop sign seriously if we encounter one. To just ignore stop signs (as in not stop but only slow down and just drive through if the road is clear) also feels weird for a German. In Germany driving through a stop sign is technically the same as driving through a red light.


10:48 now, I’m dead tired… more tomorrow when I’m back at the farm.

Good morning! How strictly were you chained for the night?

We are on a family/friends visit in Vancouver right now, since Friday - I’m not restrained at all in these kinds of situations.

(That’s also why we don’t post at the moment btw. Real life has priority over online activities if there is not enough time for both. We’re heading back home tomorrow. Then I’ll be back in my chains and answering Asks (: )

Does Canada have more mosquitoes than Germany? They get me every time :(

They are eating me alive here, especially when it’s hot outside and since the irrigation system is running (humidity).

But I had the same problem when I was living on the countryside in Germany. I think it’s rather a grass vs stone/concrete (environment) than a Canada vs Germany -thing.

Since Canada is much larger and also has more grass than Germany, in total Canada probably does have more mosquitos though.

Why is standing in irish8 painful? Can't she stand still?


“Standing still” doesn’t mean standing like a mannequin. Your body makes micro movements to keep balance, and it’s those movements that push against the rigid cuffs, eventually causing pain.

It depends on how tight they are. These kinds of cuffs are completely rigid but your legs when standing are not perfectly parallel to one another. So the cuffs dig into the ankles no matter how still you stand. Movements, even the tiniest ones, make it even worse.

If they are rather loose around the ankles you don’t have this problem though. But who would want loose cuffs…

I eat my waffles with maple syrup. - He eats His waffles with GOAT CHEESE!
Who is the Canadian here?!

(Norwegian father, that’s why, but still… goat cheese on waffles?? Another evidence for His obvious insanity.)

When your master uses you, does it still matter for the feelings you have while it whether you are "in the mood" for it, or by some means aroused?

Being ‘in the mood’ or not makes no difference to me (but I’m rarely ever not in the mood to serve Him).

If I’m feeling physically bad, like being sick or so, it can or can not make a difference. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not in the mood. I can feel bad and still be in the mood and happy to serve Him and enjoy sex, it depends.

If both at the same time, not in the mood and/because feeling physically bad it does make a difference. But I still like it to serve Him.

Great you gave her the strict cuffs as well. I am made very quiet by those. What is the psychological of those on her?

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Gute Nacht Tumblr! / Good night Tumblr!

Janet at her best!

Just in case there was anybody left among my followers who didn’t know this song yet. Can’t have that! 😸

(Audio only)

Strong and gentle. Not a contradiction.

Thank You for catching me - @keepingher 🖤


Lovely and helpless