November 2017


My Owner, my Master, my partner, my lover, my love, my friend, my protector, my man, my God, my Keeper. @keepingher - Mine.

(After a hundred ‘Yours’ it’s time for a 'Mine’)

Daily choking picture #86

That’s definitely the best Christmas tree I’ve ever seen! I don’t really like all this Christmas decoration stuff but this is something I wouldn’t mind having in my living room.

It’s not a good one but…

omg, naughty and Star Trek, my two favorite things, in one post!!

…I have to reblog this.

I’m glad I had the courage for the right decision…

My new collar

Stainless steel, abus titalium lock. Absolutely escape- and waterproof. This one never comes off again. Yay!

I feel so completely ‘Yours’ in this beautiful collar. Thank You Sir 🖤

My favorite place.

You don’t want independence


You want guidance.


Freedom from difficult choices.

The comfort of having someone in charge.

The lightness of less responsibility.

The simplicity of doing as you’re told.

The serenity of surrender.

The passion of being possessed.

You want to submit.

It’s your nature.

After wearing my collar 24/7 (excl rare exceptions) for three months now it has almost become part of my body. In these rare situations when I can’t wear it, my neck feels so naked, I miss it’s weight, the leather on my skin, the metallic sound the ring makes when I’m moving. I would want to wear Your collar always and forever.

It reminds me every single second that I’m Yours 🖤

Daily choking picture #85

Very stupid question I know but why is certain amount of stability required to reduce dependence on methadone?

That’s not a stupid question, quite the opposite, it’s a smart one.

The most difficult part of an opiate-detox is fighting against the craving. It’s so strong that you would do almost everything to make it stop = to take your drug. As long as you don’t do a ‘cold’ detox (going from full dosage to zero instantly) but reduce the dosage slowly, the physical withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant but not dangerous and manageable with the right medication (non-opiate of course) and, and this is important too, another person who supports you. The real challenge is to withstand this seemingly irresistible urge, the immense craving for the drug.

And I’m not talking about just refraining from doing something you want. It is a need you have to fight. What is happening in your brain is similar to starving: When your body lacks food (ie nutrients) your brain makes you feel a strong urge to eat > hunger in order to get it. If you don’t satisfy this urge it becomes stronger and stronger to a point where you are going crazy and would do anything to make it stop. Starving people eat literally everything, grass, even their pets or in extreme cases dead human bodies. There are known cases where people ate their clothes, just to fill the stomach and get rid of this horrible feeling of starving. - When you are addicted to opiates and the body lacks those something similar happens. After years of taking opiates ie (very much simplified) flooding your brain artificially with ‘happy hormones’, it forgets how to produce those hormones itself and how to regulate/keep the hormonal balance. From then on you literally ‘need’ the drug to do this for you. If you stop taking it your brain is in complete chaos and demands the drug to get back in order. You need it physically and your brain makes sure you get it by creating an irrestible urge to take it, similar to hunger when you starve. And as the starving person does everything to get food the junkie on withdrawal does everything to get their drug. Only that if you do a detox you mustn’t satisfy this urge so you have to fight this need. That’s the major challenge of this whole thing.

So you’re in a constant battle with yourself, you’re constantly on the verge of stepping over the edge and have to hold yourself back somehow. And every single little irritation can make you trip, every surprise, everything out of the ordinary, everything bothering, psychologically exhausting, everything that drains on your energy or stresses you. That’s why stability is so important. You have to be in an environment where nothing stressing ever happens because the stressing moments are the ones that increase the craving, and the standard level of craving is SO close to unbearable already. In any kind of situation it’s extremely hard and the chances for a relapse statistically immense, but if it’s possible at all, then only with a maximum of stability around you. That’s why during a therapy in a detox clinic they put so much importance on creating a strict routine for the patients. You have to get up and to go to bed every day at the same time, have your meals at the same time, certain activities at the same time and so on. Routine, stability, distraction and psychological support from another person are the keys for a successful detox. No chance without these.

I am about to flip several tables!!! You listen to The Sisters of Mercy?!?! *squeals uncontrollably* Me too! Oh my goodness! Do you have a favourite song? (Mine's 'Alice', by the way.)

My favorite song from Sisters of Mercy is ‘No Time to cry’.

But I like Alice too.

The Sisters of Mercy: “No Time to Cry”

Photographer @georgeswift / Model @musemara

My man definitely has this. And I love it 🖤



Your place is, and always will be, at my feet.

Yes Sir!

Your girl

Your servant

Your plaything

Your pet

Is Dovey the first human property you've ever owned? Choosing her only amplifies how well you make your decisions. Is there anything at all you would like to change about her as you mold her into your perfect slave?


She is the first, yes. What I’m doing now is detoxing her and fixing her diet. Next will be the smoking, and a proper exercise regime. Basically undoing all the damage she’s done while on her own.

“First and last and always: My calling, my time

First and last and always: Mine

First and last and always: ‘til the end of the end of time

First and last and always: Mine

First and last and always: 'til the end of time

First and last and always: Mine”

(The Sisters of Mercy: First and last and always)


First and last and always Yours 🖤

Daily choking picture #84


Your daily wear is beautiful. The only thing I would "change" is the metal into 14k gold :) I have skin allergies...


If you have skin allergies I would recommend stainless steel.

1) you are perfect 2) how long the spanking cruises shown in your pic will show? does it her afterwards? how bad is the pain afterwords? can you sit without pain or walk without pain?


I don’t think I’m perfect - I don’t think anyone can be literally perfect - but thanks anyway.

Bruises of this kind (skin still intact and no severe hematomas) only last a day or two. It doesn’t hurt much afterwards. You can feel it for the next day but that was it.

Daily choking picture #83


My pretty little Dovey.

Considering my sweaty chaotic hair this picture must have been taken right after some exhausting kind of activity…

Me, chained to the bed, in the middle of a spanking with the Fleck.

Artwork and photo by @keepingher

I love it to serve You, Sir. I love it to be Your canvas 🖤

Zweisamkeit is the most beautiful word in the world!!!


It’s a beautiful word, yes, I like it very much too (:

Now that you will share Christmas together, are you in a mood for a small tree? Does you master like soups? I thought maybe it would be nice if you prepared a good soup for him, or stew? Hope you have been celebrating the good news!

I don’t know what we will do on Christmas. It will certainly depend on whether or not we will have our own place by then. I have absolutely no idea yet.

Have you ever had a fantasy to live with your master in a world void of people? I've always dreamed of a private island.

That’s why He bought this farm in the middle of nowhere - to be far away from other people and to be able to live a life as He wants to without others disturbing or interrupting Him.
And this has always been my ideal too. I’d love to live with Him alone and no other people around.

But a in world completely void of other humans? This would mean no internet anymore, no stores, no doctors etc… No, I wouldn’t want that. I would want to live in this world with its inhabitants, but far enough away from them, that hey don’t/can’t disturb our life in Zweisamkeit.

Have you been eating from your dog bowl? I know it's not your favorite but does your master expect it? How does it feel for the first time in decades to be depression free? When will you stop the meth and become drug free completely?

First of all: I’m not, and never have been, on ‘meth’ (methamphetamine). That’s a very dangerous drug that literally destroys someone’s brain in no time. I’ve never taken this drug in my life. - What the anon means is Methadone. I’ve been/am addicted to opiates and I’m currently making a detox by having substituted all opiates I’ve been taking with Methadone and slowly reducing the dosage.
I’m on a low dosage already. To reduce it even further will cause an extreme opiate craving and very unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms. I will do that as soon as we are living in a stable environment. Stability is a definite requirement for a detox, it’s not possible in the middle of chaos.

No, we are still eating together at the table. Like I mentioned before, we are living kind of ‘low protocol’ at the moment and haven’t established many rules yet, because our life is so unstable at the moment (even though especially in the middle of chaos you need some basic rules and routines to hold on to of course, which we have, I’m talking about the ) Once we have our own place and all the visa stuff and my other issues are solved, so once we have a normal, stable life.

Oh, I forgot the other questions. I’ll add them by edit later.


Every part of you belongs to me.


Isn't it so cool you two met here via Tumblr?

Well… it makes it a little more difficult to answer the classical “And how did you two meet?” - question, that everyone likes to ask a new couple (:

“Through our NSFW-BDSM-Tumblr-blogs” / “On His blog that He had to find a 24/7 slave” is an answer that most people wouldn’t react very well to…

How do you lose your health insurance in Germany?

By not being able to pay your health insurance bills for about a year. Klick.

Gute Nacht, Tumblr! / Good night Tumblr!

Have you ever considered therapy?

You mean because of my depression? I have been in therapy since I was 14 until I lost my health insurance one year ago, so literally half of my life.

If heaven exists it must be like this!